Feature request

These features are the requested ones from many Barcode Express users.
If you have any, please feel free to write us to mSurfLab@gmail.com
We will be more than happy to include yours here.

I sometimes have some items in multiple locations.   It would be nice to be able to choose more than one location.   Right now I've been creating new locations with all the locations I need to choose.   The problem with thatis my location list is becoming very long.   It would also be nice if you could delete things you have added to your list such as new locations or new condition types.

1) I would like to replace the icons of the categories against speaking icons. For example, the letters DVD instead of a number. The same applies to all media types (books, audio books, CD, BD).
2) The multi-scan goes, for example, against Amazon. This is done by, for example, ISBN or EAN, so the bar code. Sometimes I do not have a standardized bar code, but own bar codes such as by Weltbild Verlag. Here is a full text search would be nice. So as an example, for an audio book I enter: "David Baldacci" and "The Guardian" and get a selection of matching item (with a correct ISBN). Is not necessarily the same product, but agrees largely agree.
3) Multi-Update: If I want to adjust multiple scanned titles, it would be nice to be able to customize the icons associated with.
4) When scanning against Amazon, I wanted a matching table. Example: If books are a variety of information in the descriptions: Publisher, Author, Pages, ..., music CDs, there are artists, playlists ... For audio books, there are authors, publishers, etc.. These individual pieces of information I would like to be able to match on Custom Fields.
5) This Custom Fields I would like to also display in the respective category with turned pull , so for audiobooks (next to the picture) the display of the title, author, date of purchase, etc. .. Show in its own sort order.

Items from an import do not load attachments. After exporting my inventory, which contains photo attachments, I added new items and their respective attachment photos using the path format of the exported examples (BarcodeExpPro/photos/....), but both the duplicated items and new items do not have the specified attachments. I've also tried to input paths to my photo directory with no success.

I am not seeing that custom field in the report.

I need to export .. Import extra fields I created.

I want to be able to use a USB handheld barcode scanner

How do I do basic functions ?  Would it be possible to do a nwgative number in a different color?   For example if I have 10 pcs. on hand but require 20 for inventory. It wpuld be nice to calculate -10 and have it show up in red. 

I would  very much like to see user customizable fields for additional information

I need a PDF document manager on my phone and tablet. I'd like to be able to document and store PDFs I buy and sync them to my phone and tablet.

I need to be able to:
1. scan the bar-code of the product and it's case,
2. input inventory amount by case after initial input of on-hand stock. 
3. alert when stock is getting low.
4. alert when product is within 10 and 5 days of expiring.
5. produce product to be ordered to include bar-code report for printing.
6. able to carry about 20+ fields for each product, two being bar-codes (product and case)
7. able to produce about 10 other reports sorted by vendor, aisle, stockier, etc.
8. import and export to and from Open Office via email or WiFi.

It would be cool if you could attach photos to locations.

Just wondering if there are any plans to add NFC scanning capabilities?

Is it possible for it to sync up with the inventory that we have on amazon, so when we are doing our checks and edits,  it will automatically update the inventory on his physical store?
It would be an idea to add a dedicated SKU field to help make the app look more aware of the industry

Can you add icons to multi-item processing? I already have a large inventory and I want to change icons by category.  I also like the tiny square icon that shows up when you turn off I icons, could you add that to the icon set?

I was wondering if there was a way to create the same item with multiple colors

It would be great if the template allowed for "hiding" fields not used.

I am using your program for garage sale and craigslist sale inventory on google docs, so pictures or a link to pictures is necessary.   Could the pictures be named after taken, with a default to  "$ first field-#1" so a link to the pictures could be uploaded to the spreadsheet and easily linked to the actual picture file in the cloud, maybe that upload as separate files to the same drive folder?

it seems that locations cannot have (and cannot be created with) a barcode.
It can be useful if you consider to stock items (also different in category) in a box and put a barcode on it.
Here an example (imagine all locations with barcode):
  • Location: Room1
    • SubLocation1: Shelf1
      • Sub-SubLocation1: Box1 (with different items inside such as CDs, DVDs, Books, etc.)
      • Sub-SubLocation2: Box2 (with different items inside such as Lego, games, HW, etc.).
    • SubLocation2: Box3
After scanning an item "location" we will see the contents...

I need decimal place in items with units of measure also

Your answer addresses viewing the items through the mobile device, but I need it in print. What makes your app unique to solving my problem is the checkin-out function (because for my work in need to provide a list [excel doc] that tells my guys that they still have specific tools or hardware/software checked out so they can get paid on time). And/or use it to track billable hours associated with maintenance.
Would you consider--
"Main screen" > press menu key> "List items" > "All item" >press menu key> "Report & Export"> press menu key>"Fields"
Adding a "check in-out Field" option

I have set other apps to backup photos to dropbox only when connected to wifi to limit data costs over mobile connection.

I realised that the app is not filtering out duplicated product.  I have tried added a same product barcode to the inventory but it is not detecting that there is already an existing entry . 

I want to use decimal points in quantity 1.5, 2.5, ...
I'd rather have a shortcut to a particular search (or tag, category, etc -- but given the new saved search feature it would be great to open BE directly to a search)

how to get an inventory update that i imput into my phone to automatically get updated into my Google docs spreadsheet. I've imported google spreadsheet to phone, exported phone to Google...how do I get them synced?

Include No category/location in Category/Location dialog in Search screen

will it be for a new field to be added? One that provides a last modified timestamp for an item? 

1: Can create a product with a serial number which is great although it would be great to be able to create an item, say a monitor using the barcode on the product and then add subsequent monitors of the same model by scanning the barcode and then having an 'add asset of same type' using a serial number and be able to scan the serial number using the barcode scanner. Would also be great to have the option to update all fields using the barcode scanner.
2: Being able to customise the fields and the interface to just have the options that we require would be very cool.
3: If we could then have an option to import a data base and choose the fields to use so that in the field we can scan a barcode and quickly see all the details we need such as the assigned owner and location.

include serial number field for barcode search

need to be able to use decimals in the quantity field. Thanks!

When i import record from csv don't update existing record and merge equal record but add all as a new record.
I need this merge/update function because is more comfortable menage a lot of record on pc, after i want update BarcodeExp database with csv.

It would be great to use the information founded when using google googles in addition of the Amazon server.
I wish it would be possible use units (liters, kilogrammes, etc) as additional information for the counting.

Could the quantity field be larger for in and out transactions. I can't see all the value when i type units with more than 3 digits.

Would it be possible to incorporate a view by image, using thumbnails of varying sizes? 

Is there any way that your app would or can send barcodes to Android's notification bar?
I would like to scan many barcodes and have then put in the notification bar in Android 4.0.4. So that i can retrieve them by pressing the notification bar which would then copy it to the clipboard. Then all i have to do is paste it where i want it.

Can you please create a minimum quantity for each item? Another excellent feature - a shopping list and automatically add items with a smaller number than the minimum value

I would like to see an option to export the check-in check-out history from the main export screen.  Or when the check-in check-out history is exported, show the item name in google docs/excel.  

I would like to scan a serial number into the appropriate field to give the record a unique identifier.

I would really appreciate it if there was an option to import the current list price from Amazon (or Google Shopping).
The option to add / remove / delete / or at least edit the database fields

While I was scanning in our supermarket inventory with your app I discovered that there is no Expiration Date field when entering a Product.

One thing I was doing today was cleaning up items that had "No Category" -- can you make it possible to search by <No Category> and to bulk update Category?

have the Category text box width set in proportion to the screen width.

it would be a nice feature to see also a small thumbnail in the list view.

I would like to see the check-out feature changes affect the inventory quantitys as a transaction results from sells or receiving items in.

Current on hand stock report shortcut

Is there any way to export the item photos with the data?

I'd like for you to consider making a batch scanning option where I would choose options in advance for data storage and acquisition (amazon search, barcode entry, import all) so that I can simply scan through a shelf of books, error check the duplicates at the end of the scan, then move on to the next shelf.

Custom Web Search
Can you add the ability for us to add (multiple) custom actions to the "Web search" UI?
see the example in zxing's scanner.
I also do this with zxing using the custom url:

How can I enter decimal point in the quantity field.

it would be great if you could create additional option, that information about items would save online on some server. As the result, two or more people will work with one database.

additional icons besides the existing such as icons for different categories meaning you can sell them as packages the ones I am looking for is household items for moving icons such as fragile, living room, bedroom, kitchen, computer, electronics etc... as I said you can categorize each icon downloadable package and charge for download

The one thing that is important to us though is knowing who checks out items and when they are returned, and then having that info saved and able to access at a later date.

is there a way to see the attached images in on the inventory list?

Is it possible to make the fields customizable to add or delete fields and add the ability to reorganized the fields?

I'm wondering if there is a way to do a web upc search for all my items at once instead if one at a time

Some way to interface with the open source project Calibre, so I can keep track of both ebook,  hard copy. 

Simply want to catalogue my book collection and transfer to a spreadsheet. Have trialed this on a few titles but unfortunately the author is included in product description making it very time consuming to edit.

1.) It is similar to the email from 2012-03-01.  Most of my books are published in German, so the ISBN/EAN code is rejected by the servers you use.  I would prefere a searche at "http://www.isbn-suchen.de/" or more libraries at "http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:ISBN-Suche"

2.) Is it possible to implement a "scan & add" feature with equals predefined attributes, because I have a lot of books and it i boaring to scan and choose the same attributes (like catagory, Location, tag, eg.) all over again.

Unfortunately, most of my books are published in Spain, so the ISBN/EAN code is rejected by the servers you use. It could be possible adding Amazon.es to the list of the servers you look for book info? I can provide you also other sites providing book info for books published in Spain (i.e. http://www.mcu.es/webISBN/tituloSimpleFilter.do?cache=init&prev_layout=busquedaisbn&layout=busquedaisbn&language=es).

I was looking at the page after you scan an item for lookup and the two options of "In" and "Out" adding to that and call it "Remove" or something along those lines. Using your example above if you initially enter 100 apples and than check 10 OUT and go back to the search results page it still displays 100 in the QTY. Ultimately that's what I think would be nice to update so i can quickly review that i have 90 left not 100. 

And building on that setting low and out of inventory alerts so if i set a "Low" warning for apples at 15 because I know i use 5 apples a day and it takes ~3days to get a new batch in than I can be alerted in time to order more... Now if i hit 0 than another email sends out and alerts me again of the issue.

Building on that if the QTY isn't brought above the Min level before XX days send another notice out.

1. Online Sync - looks like its there almost by using the google doc import/export. but if it could auto sent data on save/pull new data every so many mins would be very nice. I have this on my tablet and phone and plan to use both devices to find stuff. If the quantity gets off could be an issue.
2. Add min inventory levels - It would be great to get notified when a particular item gets below the min inventory level.

Please make it so that whether the item is "in" or "out" is recorded on the spreadsheet. It would be extremely useful to see which items were in and which were out at a given point in time.

 I am using it to register and keep track of equipment for a research study. Is there anyway I can get the inventory to be on multiple devices, and how would I get the inventory to stay synced between the devices? I would ideally like to have the ability to "sign-out" items using several devices but still be able to keep overall track of the state of the stock levels.

 I would also like to mention having a option to change the backup location.
Also have account based.. for instance i could have 2 stores with the same items but different quanities.....

Have you considered adding geo tag information to the barcode scans so it can be recorded where the item was last scanned? 

1. to be able to make quotes
2. to have the option to choose the web link for related product info, not just the default Google site
3. globle tag feature
4. search by part number

# Time 12:00 AM is shown as 24:00 rather than 00:00

# Check in-out entries are lost upon backup of demo and restore to pro

# Tag/Category hierarchy
- Sub-tags and Sub-categories would be useful
- Search can then include child categories or tags
> Note: Maybe Category is redundant? This could be a type of Tag.

# Location: text field or Row + Position + Bin ID
- we use a grid location in our warehouse, so listing every Row/Position combination would be cumbersome
- Can I optionally key-in the Location (or a new field Bin ID) as free text like: 7d
- Our POS system allows for a free text "Bin" which is nice for us because we can enter any type of note about where to find the inventory items, even if they're in multiple places and hard to find like "RCV, 8a, 7b (on top of 124342)"

# Location in Check-in/out
- We're managing desks, bookcases etc at a university Equipment Reuse Warehouse for the Office of Environmental Sustainability -- so if we have 7 desks of the same type, they're not all in the same location.
- I'd like to track them as 1 item type as we do in our POS system, I think, (unless you recommend adding 1 item per physical item)
- Can Check in/out be tagged with a location?

# Tag Check-in/out
- I'm tagging items with values like "Key stuck in lock" or "Needs parts"
- This means that if we have 3 lockers for example, they might be in different locations, 1 has a key stuck in it's lock. I'd like to check them in to different locations, then tag the specific check-in with the tag "Key stuck in lock" so I can easily assign a worker to pull the key out :)

Is there a way to retrieve artist info for CDs?

 i would like to make a sugestion on bar code scans that are not in the system afte a quick search by bar code have a option to add the item verses having to back out and click new item then scan again.
Also add sub catagories so that items can be broken down more. Example:

Text search - the ability to enter a text-string to search Amazon and other respositories as not all bar-codes are recognised, yet a text search on the web-site returns matches

The only thing growing Mr from buying your product is that I have to use whole numbers, ie if i have a bottle and one that's half full I would mark it 1.5. But right now I'm stuck with 1 or 2 for my options. If this option is added I would buy this in a heart beat and I'm sure others with the same need would buy this as well.

I would like to change my inventory in google docs and then import it without duplicating my phone inventory.

Could be posible the option to put all inventort quantity to 0 . Could be usefull to make an anual count of stock and actualize the database of the stocks program by export data filtered by date

IS it possible to customize SECURITIES ourselves in a future version

I would love the option to have the shortcuts displayed on all screens.
Also, i'd like the barcode reader to be used to enter serial numbers

I would to implement something like this to my small business. I would like to get the pro version but I would like to clear something up... I think this application is excellent for inventory but I wonder if in the pro version I will be able to track what I sell... If the pro version comes with features to auto update quantity left after a sale, Check my profits and send a spread sheet with inventory to computer.

I would love a "checkout" feature where I could scan the barcode, enter the amount, and it would not only take it out of inventory but track my income from sales.

I use barcode express pro in my shop to catalogue the stock. It takes quite some time to scan and wait for the web search to complete for each product. Would it be possible to scan and store the barcode, price and quantity of each item then run the web search in a batch at the end?

Hi how can i pre-enter lots of locations
i,e  A01-10, A01-11, A01-12, A01-20, A01-21, A01-22 
can i use exel to generate a fill that I can import ?

is there anyway to use my keypad so I can speak the numbers instead of trying to type

i would like to know if you have a scanner for adding and subtracting inventory.  I'm in the bar business and when a bottle is used if you can scan it to subtract it or when a shipment comes in i can scan to add it.

I am attempting to enter some 500 books at a time.   Since I am adding them in a series of shelves as locations, I have to hit menu, add new item, web search, bar code type, scan the ISBN, hit the fetch all info button, then hit add attachment and go thoroughly another scan to add the upc code. .. Would it be possible to see some kind of batch operations where you could set location, bar code type and load all before scanning then scan multiples at a time without hitting more than one button?

Is there any way to perform batch operations. Such as scan multiple items and change their location all at once?

a barcode button next to your serial number field, which will just read the numbers on a given barcode and dump the number into that serial number field. This would simplify data entry by allowing me to scan the serial number rather than typing it in. if you can allow your users to add fields to the default form (allow to modify the db schema) this would allow us to add string fields such as IMEI, Phone Number, MAC Address, etc… and if you allowed a String type with a barcode read feature to simplify input… that would be fantastic! ;)

I use it all the time for all my lumber sizes for construction quotes. Is there any way you can please make more colors for the stars for example I will use red for all my 2x4 and blue for 2x6 and so on but then I run out and need to use same color twice and its very confusing

Can you add a check in/out feature that uses barcode scanning, making it easier to track inventory? I am using this app to track a small amount of parts inventory. So when ever I take a part out of my stock I have to edit that items quanity. It would be easier to simply scan the item and have 1 removed from the quanity. Also have just the opposition for adding parts that I receive in.

Is there a way to put in a reorder amount?  Then maybe you could have it flag it when it is at the reorder quantity?
Would like to view on a cloud rather than just on a smart phone for prompt input
the layout of the edit screen makes it so that if one tries to scroll up or down to change a field it always opens the keyboard making it difficult to find things as the window becomes very small. This behaviour could be remedied by leaving a margin on the right or left size just big enough for one's thumb to be used to scroll without activating the text field and keyboard.
I import a list of inventory to the app. Then on my computer I modify information for several items of inventory. Now, if I reimport the list it duplicates the items instead of just updating the modified information. So I have to go through the app and delete all the unmodified items. Is there a way around this? It would be awesome to have a sync feature with Google Docs that will simply modify the information back and forth.
How can I have the custom barcode I create and scan show up as the title of the new item I create?
Does your pro edition work with cash register express pos software?

I need the app for books, and I need the CSV output to have the author listed.  Currently, I see the title in multiple columns, but not the author.
1)  Ability to be able to "multiple select" items so they can be deleted together instead of one-by-one for instance.
2) Ability to be able to subtract a qty of a particular item and add it to an expense list.  Basically being able to give the user the ability to take several items from inventory and add it or group it together in an expense list with a running total.
3) Ability to add multiple custom and upc barcodes to (1) item.  Reason being is this, for instance, I have an item called (40A 250V Time Delay Fuse), its a generic listing because I have several manufacturers that make the same item but each just have a different part number/sku number. I group all of these together and like the ability to be able to go to my service vehicle and scan any barcode saved and come up with the same item with the total qty. 

It would be great if I could add my own custom fields, especially if I could define what format those fields take, i.e. text, currency, select from list, etc...  I need to add a field to select if an item is new and unopened, new, used, used in original packaging, etc... I also need to add a field to select the condition of an item, i.e. great, good, fair, poor, etc...

Just a suggestion for this the barcode express app; it would be a nice feature if you could group inventory items together in BOMs (build of materials). This would allow the user to pull one large item that is made up of multiple smaller items.
Also the ability to export the database including images to another device via dropbox or some other means.
Can you add a check in/out feature that uses barcode scanning, making it easier to track inventory?
I am using this app to track a small amount of parts inventory. So when ever I take a part out of my stock I have to edit that items quanity. It would be easier to simply scan the item and have 1 removed from the quanity. Also have just the opposition for adding parts that I receive in.
I just purchased the app to maintain my personal library and I'm hoping there is a way to ” checkout” books to people
By chance have you considered adding in a "loaned to:" and associated Name and "Date loaned" fields?