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0. I am new! How to start?

Step 1) create Category

Most users start with defining the Categories

For example, If you want to manage book inventory, you will prepare the categories like cookbook, children book,.. 

Step 2) create Inventory items

With all the categories, you are now ready to create Inventory items.

Press the "New item" button in main screen and select "Text" option. It will create an simple inventory item.

If you want to create an inventory item with barcode scan, please select "Web product search" option. This search will help you get the product image and description from Amazon's product database. 

Step 3) add Attachment

It's time to add photos, voice, file, or product descriptions in your inventory item. You can attach all those items using the "Plus" icon in "Note & Attachment" section. 

Step 4) add Check in-out entries

Sometime, you loan out your books and manage their in and out history. Then, you can create the checkout entry and manage the entries in "Check in-out entries" section. 

Step 5) add Tag

If you have some important items, you can assign tags for the item and manage them separately in Tag list screen.